Animal Kingdom Special Tours

Updated: 14 Jun 2013 6:04:00 AM

Any visit to Animal Kingdom is special, but if you want to make your visit unforgettable consider taking advantage of one of the following special tours.

If you want to get up close and personal with the animals at Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World, consider taking one of their special tours.

Each tour will get you even closer to the animals, touch on the importance of wildlife preservation, and show you what Walt Disney World is doing to help preserve the natural habitats of the animals.

You will have the chance to talk to the veterinarians and animal caretakers who will answer any questions you may have about Animal Kingdom and its year-round residents while having an exhilarating time behind the scenes in this park.

 Backstage Safari

This remarkable three-hour backstage look at Animal Kingdom operations culminates in an exhilarating African safari right in Walt Disney World.

On this tour you get a chance to check out the backstage operations for the Kilimanjaro Safaris attraction – and what it takes to keep the animals ready for their time in the spotlight!

You may have a chance to observe veterinarians working on some of Animal Kingdom’s stars – as they are closely observed and monitored for their health and well-being.

You can also see how Disney operators go about preparing and serving over 3 tons of food per day to the animals in the park!

The tour also includes light refreshments and an exclusive souvenir.

Tours are for guests age 16 and over, and reservations are required.

Wild Africa Trek

Take a three hour tour through Animal Kingdom’s Safi River Valley and Harambe Reserve on this trek!

This exciting tour gives you a chance to see the animals up close and personal – really up close.

Suspended on a rope bridge above a pool of Nile crocodiles, you will get to see for yourself if a crocodile really smiles.

On your safari ride, you will get a chance to leisurely view animals such as giraffes, wildebeests, or cheetahs.

And, after all of that excitement, you will be treated to a large gourmet snack at Boma Landing, which also provides stunning views of Animal Kingdom’s savannah. 

This tour is for guests 8 and older (up to age 18 must be accompanied by an adult), and reservations are required.

Wild By Design

If you want to know the story behind Animal Kingdom, this is the tour for you.

You will see the deliberate nature of designs, art, and storytelling in different parts of Animal Kingdom, and your guide will let you in on little known facts about the park.

It will be impossible to not be impressed by the amount of thought and imagination that went into the creation of Animal Kingdom – and you can learn all about it on this three hour tour.

Another impressive fact of this park is the amount of care that happens for the animals behind the scenes.

Wild by Design gives you a chance to meet the animal caretakers and learn what Walt Disney World is doing to spread the word of animal conservation.Continental breakfast is included in this tour

Guests on this tour need to be 14 years or older, and reservations are required.

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