Animal Kingdom for Small Children

Updated: 30 May 2013 01:32:50 AM

Like the rest of Disney’s parks, Animal Kingdom, Disney’s newest theme park, is geared toward the whole family and you can find attractions to suit any age.

Because Animal Kingdom is also the largest of the parks, it is important to plan your day with plenty of breaks if you have small children in the group – and there are some attractions that you just can’t miss.

Animal Kingdom Overview

Festival of the Lion King

This theater-in-the-round, located in Camp Minnie-Mickey, is a festival of traditional African dance; music and acrobatics performed by beautifully costumed actors.

Your kids will recognize some familiar faces from The Lion King.

Kilimanjaro Safaris

This attraction bounces you along over 100 acres of carefully constructed African habitat – and puts you right next to the animals that live there.

The kids will be delighted to see giraffes, rhinos, crocodiles, cheetahs and lions, among other animals. The animals are less active during the day, so ride early or late.

Dinoland USA

In Dinoland USA, the TriceraTop Spin is a rider-controlled romp in dinosaur-shaped cars, and close by is the arcade. Don’t miss Dino Sue, a replica of a Triceratops fossil found in the Black Hills of South Dakota!

Finding Nemo Ė The Musical

Another outstanding Disney production sets costumed actors to an original musical score, and the stunning special effects will entrance even the most restless toddler.

Pangani Forest Exploration Trail

This beautiful path winds through jungle foliage, past waterfalls, and to viewing areas where you have the chance to observe okapi, gorillas, and hippos.

It is important to get here early with young children, as it is a hike of sorts, and the hot sun in the summer can make the walkways almost unbearable later in the day.

Your kids will be having so much fun at Animal Kingdom they won’t realize that they are actually learning – about conservation, wildlife abundance, and the importance of preserving animal’s natural habitats.

Best Rides & Attractions for Small Children

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