Aquatica by SeaWorld Orlando

Updated: 15 Nov 2012 04:46:15 AM

Treat your children to the beauty of Aquatica by SeaWorld Orlando.

This fun filled destination is a good great for your family to experience the park’s marine life.

The excitement is not limited to the young ones.

Aquatica is open all year round!

Meet the Characters

Discover the abundant marine life throughout this water park.

Watch out for colorful sea creature characters around the park for meet and greets.

Their presences enhance the innate beauty of the park, as well as provide great photo opportunities.

Some examples of these friendly characters are Roa, Kata, and Wae Wae.

They are located in different sections of the park, like the Dolphin Plunge, Walkabout waters and Kata’s Kookaburra Cove.

Boring is a word you’ll never get to experience inside.

Rides and Attractions

It does not matter whether you are a thrill seeker or just want a relaxing day.

The attractions available at the park have something for all visitors.

Taumata Racer, Omaka Rocka and Roa’s Rapids will give you an adrenaline rush.

For a more laidback ride, Walkabout Waters and Dolphin Plunge is a must.

Aquatica is also home to different animal attractions.

One of the stars here is the Commerson’s Dolphin.

These dolphins crave for attention.

The uniqueness of their markings makes them attractive to watch.

Ride a raft to visit the Loggerhead Lane.

Here you’ll find a lagoon filled with colorful exotic fishes.

Other animals you may encounter are the kookaburras, macaws, and the Tamanduas.

Explore and learn more about these animals.

Shop and Dine

Stop by the wonderful shops surrounding the area.

Purchase gifts or extra items at Kiwi Traders or Beachies.

Sunnies sells toys, sundries, and gift items.

Have a picnic in the park to enhance your unforgettable visit.

Picnicking is seasonally offered.

Other dining options you can include the WaterStone Grill, Mango Market and Banana Beach.

A day at Aquatica by SeaWorld Orland is a memory you and your family will cherish.

Plan your trip to this amazing paradise, and maximize the excitement nature has to offer.

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