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Baby Aardvark Joins Family at Busch Gardens

Updated: 09 March 2013 03:30:12 AM

A new bundle of joy arrived on February 7 for “Izzy” and “Friz” the new proud parents of the newest baby aardvark at the Busch Gardens.

This is the third of three births for the two, joining sister “Adazee” born last year on March 26 and two year old brother “Zawdi” born April 10, 2011 Aardvarks are a solitary animal and births are uncommon.

Because aardvarks are known to be somewhat clumsy when taking care of their new borns, the animal care team is assisting the mother with this new baby.

Baby Aardvark

Aardvark Facts

With bunny ears, a pig snout, and tail like a kangaroo, this new wrinkled cutie’s gender won’t be known until it is almost a year old.

At birth, aardvarks usually weigh about 4 pounds but will grow to about 120 pounds by the time they are one year old.

A full size adult can reach up to 6 feet long and weigh 143 pounds.

Because aardvarks are nocturnal, the baby is left alone at night while the mother goes out to forage for food.

Young aardvarks stay with their mothers until they are about six months old, then they move to their own burrows.

Busch Gardens Tampa is one of the largest zoos in the North America with over 12,000 animals including mammals, fishes, birds, reptiles, and insects in the parks various habitats.

Take the family for a day, and try to catch of peek of this new strangely cute new born.

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By Marie Ospina

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