The Best Times to Visit Walt Disney World

Updated: 28 Aug 2013 04:20:26 AM

One of the most difficult questions to grapple with when planning a Walt Disney World vacation is also one of the most basic: When to visit?

Before making a decision, there are some fundamental factors that should be taken into consideration: Weather, Crowds, Holidays, Park Hours, and Resort Rates.

There are times of year when the difference of a week could mean a major difference in price, favorable weather, and the length of wait times at attractions.


* January – Not only is the weather much cooler, but crowds are smaller, as most students have returned to school.

January also falls within a Resort Value Season, when pricing for rooms is cheapest.

* Late April (after Spring Break) - Memorial Day Weekend.

Cooler weather, smaller crowds, and great events like Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival!


* Early September – late November - Cool weather, small crowds, and great pricing on the resorts.

While this period is a favorite time to visit for many Disney insiders, it is also Florida’s rainy season, so the weather can range anywhere from mild and beautiful to rainy and dreary.

(It should be noted that while this period is also Florida’s storm season, hurricanes rarely make it far enough inland to affect Orlando).

However, many guests say they prefer a bit of rain to the blistering heat of Florida’s summers.

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas (Nov 29 - Dec 21) – Bookended by two of the busiest times at Walt Disney World, the period between these two holidays can be much, much less crowded.

This time also offers a great opportunity to enjoy Disney’s beautiful holiday decorations without dealing with peak season crowds.

Worst Times to Visit

* December 21st – New Year’s Day – Christmas and New Year’s draw massive crowds.

* Spring Break – Disney World is naturally packed to the rafters whenever kids are out of school. If you don’t mind dealing with crowds, Spring Break may be a better alternative than Summer Vacation, as the weather will at least be milder in spring.

* Early June - late August – Disney will be at its hottest and most crowded.

Resort rates will also be higher.

However, since this is usually most convenient time for family’s to visit, the best time to come during this period is early June or late August.

* Thanksgiving (Nov 23-29) and Christmas (Dec 21 – 31) – Notoriously jam-packed with visitors.

Disney resorts will also be charging Holiday rates, meaning room prices soar.

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