Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Interactive Queue

Updated: 12 March 2013 03:05:16 AM

A new interactive queue has recently opened at the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Walt Disney World Resort.

The attraction is located in Frontierland and is themed after an old mining town and accompanying railroad that has fallen into disrepair.

Originally built on a sacred Native American site, the mountain is cursed.

Mining Activities

The new interactive queue clues you in on the mining activities that took place in and around the mountain.

As you wait to board the ride you’ll first be introduced to the mine’s original mining office, which is where the foreman works.

Explosives Room

From there, you will pass into the explosives room.

This room is filled with dynamite and provides you with the opportunity to set off explosives to create a new mineshaft.

From here, you’ll enter a series of viewing devices from which you can view the ongoing mining activities below you.

Ventilation Room

The last major stop in the interactive queue is the mine’s ventilation room, which is responsible for pumping fresh air down to the miners.

The room is filled with recreated air pumping machines as well as empty canary cages.

As you make your way through the line, music indicative of the 1800s will play through a series of speakers to help enhance the experience and transport you back in time.

Disney’s imagineers have constructed this new queue area with amazing vintage details to provide you with plenty of things to look at and interact with to make your wait more entertaining and enjoyable.

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