Epcot For Senior Citizens: Tips, Suggestions & Surprises

Updated: 13 Jun 2013 1:34:37 AM

A visit to Epcot, while exciting and engaging for senior citizens, is less frenetic than a visit to the other parks in Walt Disney World, and lends itself well to a slower pace and keener observation.

You can easily skip (and not miss) the heart-pumping rides here and still have a thrilling time.

World Showcase

You can spend an entire day exploring the world through Disney’s eyes in the World Showcase.

Friendly ambassadors representing the eleven countries here welcome you to the representation of their native land.

Each of the different countries boasts delicious ethnic food, and you can even shop for items you can only find in those countries!

Special shows happen all day, and many of the countries have their own rides or movies to showcase the highlights of their home.

Living with the Land

On this boat ride, you are taken into an experimental live greenhouse that explores how food may be grown in the future.

The food grown here is regularly used in the Land restaurants – and look for the special Mickey-shaped fruits and vegetables!

 Spaceship Earth

Inside the giant geosphere that anchors Epcot, Judi Dench narrates this journey that takes you via slow moving vehicle past varying scenes of human progress.

From the ancient Greeks, to the printing press, to the messy garage where the personal computer was invented, this ride uses Animatronic people to show just how far we have come.

On the way back down to the bottom of the geosphere, the interactive touch screen program entertains you inside your vehicle, which helps you visualize your future.

 Universe of Energy

A hilarious show starring Ellen DeGeneres, you learn the history of the universe in one minute, travel back in time, and discover what our current energy needs are. 

This attraction is a movie and a small ride wrapped into one!


One of the most popular rides in all of the parks, and for good reason.

Soarin’ lifts you gently over a huge projection screen and “flies” you over the state of California.

The scenery of the state is so varied and beautiful everyone will enjoy this ride.

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