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Hollywood Studios For Seniors Tips, Suggestions & Surprises

Seniors visiting Hollywood Studios can easily fill their day with a celebration of Hollywood – minus the screams of high-octane rides such as the Tower of Terror and the Rock n' Rollercoaster. Senior citizens will enjoy the following attractions and shows at Hollywood Studios.

Fantasmic is the adored and ageless play put on by Hollywood Studios actors, with help from special effects, visual effects, and surround sound, to make this one of the most anticipated plays in the park!

The exciting play stars some of your favorite classic Disney characters coming together for one spectacular and magical performance that will have you on the edge of your seat!

Star Wars: Rise of The Resistance

With the ride starting off with Kylo Ren and the First Order and then not everything going exactly as planned, you get to step into the adventure yourself aboard a transport shuttle.

It has motion simulators, and the majority of the ride is on a trackless vehicle that acts as your shuttle, if you're a Star Wars fan, this attraction is a must-see event for senior citizens, the ride may have visual projectors for visual effects but they are minimal, now that you know what's in store, put it on your bucket list!

Walt Disney Presents

This attraction originally opened for Walt's 100th birthday so they could have a walkthrough of his journey from where it all began, to how Disney became a well-known and beloved name to everyone.

It's a perfect place to go to learn the background of how Disney became what it is today, and after the walkthrough make sure to catch Walt Disney: One Man's Dream, which has actual audio and video recordings of the man behind the curtain, and even his home movies! A must for history buffs and Walt Disney fans.

A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration

This performance has all of your favorite characters from the film Frozen, it's a live performance where you watch the actors on stage and it's an inclusive performance where you sing along if you feel up to it!

It's a perfect show if you love Frozen or even if you're just looking for a "cool" spot to sit down and relax after walking the park all day!

Beauty & The Beast Live On Stage

This gorgeous live musical tells the story of the classic Disney movie, but on stage.

Impressive costumes and sets add to the acting and singing and make you feel like you should be stepping out of the open-air theater onto Broadway.

While you watch the breathtaking show you also have time to sit and relax and just enjoy the show and maybe even sing along with the songs that we've all come to know and love!

This is a perfect show for you if you're a big fan of classic fairy tales and love stories!

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