How to Survive a Timeshare Presentation

Updated: 07 March 2013 01:20:10 AM

Getting something for free or heavily discounted always sounds appealing in the beginning, but there is a catch when attendance to a timeshare presentation is required.

Timeshares are memberships, sharing ownership and expenses for a group of resorts, that guarantees the quality and price no matter which resort is selected.

The timeshare presentation normally, promised to be only 90-120 minutes long, consists of four stages; Introductions and Presentation, Meeting the Tour Guide and Analysis, Tour, and Closing where the selling occurs.

Introductions and Presentations

At the Introductions and Presentations, a group of customers are escorted into a room where everyone introduces themselves and showing of a brief presentation, of the resorts and amenities.

Sit tight, smile, and relax, don’t reveal much about yourself, this is just the beginning.

Tour Guide

Next an individual Tour Guide, otherwise known as the salesman, is introduced to each individual or family where they are often taken to a breakfast.

While trying to eat, questions about type of vacations and lifestyle will be asked.

Be vague, don’t reveal much personal information or actual income, he is looking for an opportunity to start the sales-pitch, which begins with an actual tour of the resort.

Amenities specific to preferred activities and lifestyle discovered during breakfast are pointed out followed with more questions.

The tour will end in an office, the salesman behind a desk, and the Closing begins.

Gifting Room

He presents the special price offer only if purchased today.

Listen politely, and say no should you have no interest.

Don’t be emotionally manipulated.


Be firm, eventually he will give up and be directed to the gifting room, where you'll receive your park tickets.

The incentives of getting a great deal is definitely worth exchanging a couple of hours of your vacation time.

The discounts will allow your family to really enjoy more of what Orlando has to offer.
Remember there is no obligation to purchase a timeshare during the presentation.

Book your package today!


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