Magic Kingdom For Seniors Tips, Suggestions & Surprises

Updated: 11 Jun 2013 01:40:31 AM

If you think only small tykes get a kick out of the Magic Kingdom, there are some surprises waiting here for you!

Even if you don’t want to join the thrill seekers on the roller coasters, there is plenty for an older audience without the elevated heart rate!

Check out the list below for some suggestions to fill your time at the Magic Kingdom. 

 Hall of Presidents

Walt Disney himself envisioned this attraction, and after being unimpressed with the initial wax figures built for it, he worked with his Imagineers to develop the first human Animatronic figure.

President Abraham Lincoln debuted at the World’s Fair in 1964.

He built upon the success of the figure and opened the Hall of Presidents in the Magic Kingdom.

The recently renovated attraction includes a film that covers 220 years of US history, and the impressive roll call of the 43 presidents is a favorite part of the presentation.

Not to miss.

Haunted Mansion

Close by the Hall of Presidents, this stunningly crafted ride is a scary good time.

A gentle ride in a “doom buggy” takes you on a tour through the abandoned mansion where ghosts and ghouls delight - and even hitch a ride.

The effects here are truly impressive, and Disney’s sense of humor is also on full display.

Jungle Cruise

This leisurely 10-minute boat ride takes you along four of Earth’s most dangerous rivers – the Amazon, Nile, Congo, and Mekong.

The stunning detail in the foliage, animals, and even sounds are pointed out by your trusty skipper – just look out for the hippos!

Old-fashioned and tongue in cheek, this is classic Disney at its best.

If you like the animals, be sure to check out the real things at Animal Kingdom!

 Pirates of the Caribbean

Another classic Disney ride, but a good one.

You will be able to appreciate some of the more subtle humor that younger kids will miss, being too busy looking for Captain Jack Sparrow.

Did you know that the pirates in the cell playing chess died over the game?

It is an actual stalemate set up by a chess expert.

This gentle boat ride’s most exciting part is when the pirate ships blast a cannon or two at each other – but the ride is in the dark, so watch your step getting in and out of the boat.

 People Mover

You can observe the daring riders in Tomorrowland as they stumble off of the faster paced rides from above the action – and in the middle of it as you travel through Space Mountain - on the Transit Authority PeopleMover.

This leisurely ride is Disney’s version of future mass transit, which uses little power and is zero emission.

Magic KIngdom Now Cost $102

Magic Kingdom is the first Orlando theme park to break the $100 admission price.

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You can find links for great suggestions for rides and attractions at other Disney parks here. 

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