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Orlando Airfare Tips

There are several useful money saving tips to bear in mind when you are planning your trip to Orlando, Florida.

It is best to search around for good prices and deals.

Don’t just book the first flight that you find as it is unlikely to be the cheapest option.

Use comparison websites to check fares.

Keep your options open.

Be Flexible

Try to be flexible about the time and date.

Flights are often cheaper on week days and early in the morning or late at night, if you are willing to fly at these times.

The airport you fly from also has an impact on the cost; most people only look at flights out of the biggest or nearest airport.

Regional Airports

However, you are more likely to get a good deal if you are willing to travel to a smaller airport, because the less pricy airlines operate here.

Sanford International is where you can find the best airfares.
Many low cost domestic and international carriers fly into Sanford International.

Many airlines refer to the airport as Orlando Sanford or Sanford Orlando airport.

Visitors do not realize Sanford is 45 minutes north of Orlando International airport.

If you are not driving, you are looking at a $235 cab ride.

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Check Prices Frequently

Check prices frequently as they fluctuate a lot.

Airlines often drastically reduce fares if they are struggling to fill seats, or to try and keep up with their competition.

It is worth keeping an eye open for special deals.

Sign up to receive emails from airlines; they will keep you informed of last minute discounts and offers.

Try to travel light, as most airlines now charge per bag, and be sure to stick to the limits to avoid extensive charges at the airport.

These tips should help you to find affordable air tickets to Orlando so you can relax and enjoy your holiday!


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