Orlando Safety Tips

Orlando is popular with tourists and has many exciting attractions to enjoy.

But it is vital to stay safe!

Hotel Tips

Check the location of hotels before booking – try to stay in a safe area.

Always lock the door to your room and keep valuables in a safety deposit box.

Make a note of fire exits just in case!

Automobile Tips

If you’re using a car, be aware of and abide by Florida’s driving laws.

This will help to avoid fines or accidents.

Parking in well-lit areas will deter thieves.

Orlando is a great destination for families.

But remember how busy tourist attractions can be.

All passengers under 18 must be buckled at all times and children 5 and under must be secured in an approved child seat.

Other Tips

Have a plan of action in case you get separated in the crowds!

Choose a meeting place, or tell your child to find a security guard or employee if they get lost.

If you're planning on visiting Orlando's top theme parks with smaller children, dress them in bright clothing so you can spot them easily if you get separated from them.

Also, memorize your child’s outfit, so you can describe them if needed.

Use a strong bag to ensure you are not pickpocketed in crowded areas.

There are lots of swimming opportunities, at water-parks and beaches.

Never leave children unsupervised in the water.

Follow the advice of lifeguards and only swim in designated areas.

If available, use lockers for belongings.

Keep away from wild animals, particularly alligators and bears.

Do not feed or provoke them.

Normally it’s pretty hot in Orlando, sunscreen and plenty of drinking water are necessary.

July through November is hurricane season, stay inside if one is forecast.

Orlando is generally considered a safe place, especially tourist hotspots.

Just be prepared, and you should have a wonderful, disaster-free vacation!

Orlando Car Rental Code
Orlando Car Rental Code