Orlando Vacation Tips

Timeshare Presentations Save You Money

Timeshare presentations usually require you to stay for a certain amount of time, and show you a presentation, offering information about their company and different packages that may save you thousands of dollars on your vacations each year.

Free Food on Your Birthday in Orlando

What a great way to celebrate a birthday, no matter what year it may be, then to go somewhere where the meal, dessert, or something else is free for the birthday gal, guy or child.

Car Rental Rip Offs & Scams

This scenario is played out over and over all across the country. You've just opened your credit card statement to see an outrageous charge for a recent car rental. Wondering where the inflated charges come from?

Orlando Safety Tips

Orlando is generally a safe destination for tourists, but like all places, it is not without its hazards. However, with the help of a few safety tips you can help ensure that your Orlando vacation goes off without a hitch.

Free Disney Vacation For Sick Children

This "storybook" vacation place gives critically ill children and their families a week-long vacation in a safe, happy, and cost-free place.

To date, more than 120,000 sick children from all around the globe have been allowed to let their fantasies run free here.

Orlando Airfare Tips

Don't just book the first flight that you find as it is unlikely to be the cheapest option.

Use comparison websites to check fares.

Free Things to do in Orlando

When a family is concerned about a vacation budget there are quite a few things that are free.

Following are ten great suggestions that can be for free and easy on the budget.

Disney's Military Salute

We all appreciate those that serve our country in the various military branches, past and present.

However, nobody is willing to show these devoted soldiers a better time than Disney.

Scammers Soliciting Timeshare Owners

One of the most popular timeshare scams involves individuals posing as brokers or brokerage agencies that claim to be able to provide assistance to consumers who are looking to sell their timeshares.

Orlando Car Rental Code
Orlando Car Rental Code