Parking Lot Safety at Theme Parks

Updated: 15 Jan 2013 03:52:35 AM

Even at the happiest place on earth there is opportunity for a lot of frustration and disappointment when you leave the parks after a fun-filled day only to find that someone has broken into your family’s car.

An unfortunate reality is that opportunity for crime exists everywhere, even in the safest and most secure of locations.

In order to help protect yourself and your belongings, there are a few things that you can do when you are visiting any of the theme parks with your family.

Make sure to watch this video, so you won't become a victim!

Secure Your Valuables

· Leave all items of value at your hotel or condo. If the items are not in the car then they cannot provide someone with an excuse to break into your car.

· If you arrive at the parks and realize that you forgot to leave your laptop or other valuables behind, then you should discretely stash them underneath the car seats or in the locked glove box. If all else fails, carry your valuables into the park with you in your backpack.

· GPS systems, mobile phones, cameras and other electronic devices are hot ticket items for would-be thieves so make sure to stash them out of sight before walking away from your vehicle.

· Never leave money or jewelry in your car, regardless of where you are parking it.

· Cracking the windows can be tempting when you are faced with soaring temperatures, but this is just an invitation for a would-be thief to gain ready access to your car. Keep windows closed, or cracked the barest minimum.

· Make sure that your car is locked before you walk away from it. If need be, try the doors to make sure that they are all securely locked. Certainly a thief can just break the window if they are determined enough, but why make it easier for them by leaving the vehicle unlocked.

Another important consideration is to always park your vehicles in designed parking lots.

Avoid parking off the beaten path or in someone’s front yard in an attempt to avoid the parking charges.

This attempt at frugality could wind up costing you a lot later on down the line.


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