Antarctica – Empire of the Penguin

Updated: 23 Feb 2013 02:39:15 AM

A brand new permanent attraction is opening at SeaWorld Orlando theme park on the 24th May 2013.

The new experience is called Antarctica – Empire of the Penguin!

This is the biggest expansion that SeaWorld has ever undertaken, and should not be missed.

Some information about the upcoming attraction is being kept secret, which only adds to the anticipation.

But we do have a few exciting details to share!

One of a Kind Ride

We know that a huge figure of a mother and baby penguin marks the entrance to the Antarctica experience.

There will be a one of a kind ride, which will simulate the journey that penguins make throughout their lives!

The journey can be adjusted to suit everyone, whether you want a gentle ride, or a more adventurous one.

Kids will absolutely love this, and will be excited to see what happens next.

The attraction also includes a huge, 20ft deep, underwater viewing station.

Up Close Penguin Encounter

Guests will be able to get up close to the penguins and watch how agile and powerful they are in the water, compared to how they waddle on land.

The attraction will feature many different species of penguins, so this can be an educational as well as a fun trip.

Although not all details are known yet, it is safe to predict that this will be a fantastic experience.

Guaranteed to get both children and adults excited, this will be one of the greatest memories from your day at SeaWorld Orlando.

SeaWorld Tickets

Just like Disney and Universal, these tickets will run $95 for anyone age 10 and up.

KIds between the age of 3-9 pay $89 once tax is added.

Florida residents should look into the Fun Pass if available and take advantage of one our discounted hotel or resort stays.

Out of state visitors can still receive substantial savings just for viewing a vacation property.

Do not miss out!

You won't be disappointed.


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