Hidden Secrets of Animal Kingdom

Updated: 22 May 2013 01:50:31 AM

Animal Kingdom, Disney’s newest theme park opened on Earth Day in 1998.

It is the first Disney theme park dedicated to animal conservation, a cause that was important to Walt Disney himself.

Even though this may be the newest Disneyworld Theme Park, the Imagineers built just as much Walt Disney World magic into the Animal Kingdom as the other parks.

Favorites Secrets of Animal Kingdom!

  • Did you know that both the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums accredit Animal Kingdom?
  • Legend has it when the Tree of Life was under construction Jane Goodall asked Michael Eisner where the chimpanzee would be. To his embarrassment, he found out there were no plans for a chimp among the 300+ animals that would be carved into the tree. Needless to say, now there is a special spot for the likeness of David Greybeard, Jane’s favorite chimp, with a commemorative plaque explaining the sculpture.
  • The old looking, rusty shower heads by the Dawa Bar actually pump out refreshingly cool water – so head here on those scorching summer days!
  • While walking through Asia, if you are looking carefully you might just spot DiVine, a street performer whose makeup and costume make her blend so seamlessly with the foliage she is easy to miss.
  • You may have heard of the talking trashcans at the Magic Kingdom and the talking water fountains at Epcot…well, there may be a palm tree at Animal Kingdom who has something to say!
  • In Dinoland USA, try to find the musical fossil!

Have Fun

The most important aspect of your Disney timeshare vacation is to have fun.

The parks are always changing and evolving to keep their customers satisfied, so if you don’t find one of the secrets listed above, keep your eyes peeled!

You will more than likely discover some secrets of your own!

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