Secrets of Epcot

Updated: 21 May 2013 09:04:00 AM

If there was any way to make Disney World more exciting and magical, you can bet that a Disney Imagineer thought of it already.  

When visiting the parks there are many built in and hidden secrets to find.

Here is a list of some that you can discover when visiting Epcot.

  • On the rare rainy Orlando day, the rainwater pouring off of Spaceship Earth is collected by a series of built in gutters, which saves the people sheltering below from a drenching AND replenishes the water in the World Showcase Lagoon.
  • Talking water fountains in Future World – can you find them?
  • The walkway between France and Morocco grows darker to represent the Straights of Gibraltar.
  • When walking at night in the dark, pay attention to the sidewalks – they twinkle in spots!
  • In France, though clearly visible, the Eiffel Tower is the only thing in the World Showcase that can’t be reached by guests!
  • There is a working cuckoo clock in Germany – so be there at the top of the hour!
  • The shrubbery maze in the United Kingdom is shorter than a traditional maze – it is designed that way so kids don’t get lost!
  • There is a walking trail in Canada that will take you to the top of the mountain. This is a great “secret” spot to rest and get away from the crowds!
  • A tomato plant in The Land Pavilion is a genuine world record holder! It was recorded in the Guinness Book of World records in March of 2007 covering a total area of 610.63ft. You can get a peek of it on the Behind the Seeds tour.

Christopher Elliott 3 Secret Tips

It is important when exploring Walt Disney World and Epcot to keep your senses alert – there are many surprises waiting to be discovered, so go find some magic of your own!

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