Star Tours: The Adventure Continues

Updated: 8 Jan 2013 05:35:15 AM

Star Tours: The Adventure Continues is a 3D experience that can be visited multiple times for a different experience with each visit.

Located in the Disney’s Hollywood Studios Theme Park back lot, this ride invites visitors to step on board a Starspeeder 1000 and experience the Star Wars world at light speed.

The android C-3PO welcomes guests aboard.

3D Flight Simulator With Audio Animatronics

The ride is a combination of a flight simulator that gives the feeling of rushing through the stars, 3D digital video on the screen, and audio animatronics all of which combine to create a realistic experience of flying through a galaxy far, far away.

As you fly through the various landscapes that are well known from the movies, you will also encounter some other characters from George Lucas’ Star Wars universe.

Androids & Places to Visit

Among them are another famous android, R2-D2, Yoda the Jedi Master, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, Darth Vader himself and his Storm Troopers as well. The ride even introduces some new characters, such as the Star Tours Pilot Ace and a new version of the Storm Trooper – the Imperial SkyTroopers.

Among the landscapes the ride can take you through are the Wookie’s land of a Kashyyyk, the desert sands of Tatooine where you can experience a pod race, the snowy landscape of Hoth, water covered Naboo where you will dive into the lakes - and even the enormous Death Star itself, home to the Imperial troops and their leaders.

There are many different places to visit, which makes this an attraction that is well worth returning to in order to experience them all.

Each visit can produce a new experience due to the array of options on the ride.


This ride is accessible to those with mobility disabilities, but guests will have to transfer out of motorized scooters and similar devices and into a wheelchair, from which they will then transfer to a seat on the ride.

Star Tours: The Adventure Continues has a height restriction of a minimum of 40 inches taller, and children under 7 years of age must be with someone over the age of 14 in order to experience the attraction.

Video captioning is also available on certain monitors, and attraction staff can help with this.

This attraction also offers the FASTPASS service, which helps you to get on the ride faster without standing in line.

The Star Tours ride is indoors and although it is an exciting ride for Star Wars fans of all ages, it is generally considered to be appropriate for a wide variety of audiences.

Star Tours: The Adventure Continues is among the many Star Wards themed attractions found in the Hollywood Studios Theme Park, and is enjoyable both for fans of the movies and those who are new to the films and simply looking for an exhilarating time!


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