Taste of Hollywood to Go with Fantasmic! at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Updated: 16 March 2013 05:35:31 AM

The popular Taste of Hollywood to Go is returning to the Fantasmic! show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios for a limited time.

Starting from March 25th, 2013, you’ll be able to secure a delicious to go with the 25-minute outdoor show as long as seats are available.

This offer is only available until April 4th and can be booked up to 24 24 hours ahead of time.

Taste of Hollywood to Go With Fantasmic

Meal Options

There are plenty of different meals to choose from, including a tuna sushi roll, cold cut roast beef, Cajun shrimp salad, fried chicken and a veggie sandwich.

All adult meal options are $15.99 and come with sides and desserts like cheesecake or chocolate cake.

Separate meals are available for children under 9 and are just $5.49.

There are two different children’s meals available, the first of which is a turkey and American cheese wrap.

The second option is a selection of snacks like strawberry yogurt, goldfish crackers, apple wedges and carrot sticks.

All meals come with a 20-ounce soft drink or water.

Trendy Quick Service

This trendy quick service dining option was first introduced by Disney World in 2011 and has been a hit with visitors ever since.

The high quality meals are perfectly proportioned and also a part of the Disney Dining Plan.

The Taste of Hollywood to Go with Fantasmic! will only be available for a limited time and seats are expected to go quickly.

A credit card will be required when you pick up your meal.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Tickets

Tickets can either be bought at gate for $95 tax or included with your timeshare package.

Our Encantada resort promotion includes 4 tickets to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

4 free tickets with our off peak Silver Lake resort stay or hotel deals.

There is no obligation to purchase a timeshare during the presentation.


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