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Timeshare Scammers Soliciting Timeshare Owners

There are an incredible number of benefits to timeshare resorts, but as with everything there is sometimes a bit of a dark side to timeshares.

Unfortunately, the scams and negative aspects of timeshares are given a lot more media time than all of the great benefits that come from staying at a timeshare resort on your next family vacation.

Savvy consumers should always take the time to carefully research any company or individual claiming to have the solution to your vacation problems.

One of the most popular timeshare scams involves individuals posing as brokers or brokerage agencies that claim to be able to provide assistance to consumers who are looking to sell their timeshares.

Con Artists

Some of the con artists may even tell the owners that they already have a motivated buyer on the line for the property.

The scam artists tell the timeshare owners that they will be required to pay legal fees, taxes, and the closing costs associated with the transaction, upfront!

Of course the timeshares never sold, and the owners were out of a lot of money.

Some of the high upfront phony fees could be as much as $5,000!

Worse yet for the owners who have been scammed is that sometimes the same unscrupulous scamming company will pose as a recovery service that promises to retrieve the money that the owner paid to the first scammers; for a low fee of $1,000.

Of course none of the money is ever seen again.

Timeshare Tips

Here are some tips to help you avoid timeshare scams.

Do extensive research into any company that you plan on doing business with; this is just a smart business move.

Contact your timeshare management company if you are interested in selling your timeshare; they may be able to offer you some good solutions.

Consult with a reputable real estate agent who is familiar with the selling of timeshares.

Avoid resale companies that demand upfront fees prior to working with you, even if they claim to have a buyer ready to sign.

As a smart and savvy timeshare owner you'll be able to protect your investment today and protect your financial investment in the future.

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