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Visiting Magic Kingdom With Kids

Planning a trip to Magic Kingdom with children is one of the most difficult parks to plan for.
The high number of kid-friendly rides makes the Magic Kingdom the obvious first choice for most families.
Here are five tips and tricks to consider when thinking about your next Magic Kingdom visit with kids.

Narrow Your Ride List

Magic Kingdom is home to more than 30 rides. Unless you plan on spending more than one day at the original center of Disney magic, it isn't possible to ride everything, especially with little ones tagging along for the fun. One of the best methods for determining what you will and will not do while at the park is to make a ride list. Start with a list of every ride at Magic Kingdom. Cross off any rides that don't make sense for your family. For example, eliminate rides that are too scary or have height requirements. Then, remove rides that don't interest anyone in your crew. To take the list a step further, try highlighting rides that are a must-do on your day in the park. Even eliminating and highlighting a few rides will make your day run smoother and leave you feeling satisfied.

Consider More Than One Day

From the castle to up close and personal visits with Disney characters, Magic Kingdom is truly perfect for children. Considering the size of the Magic Kingdom and its kid-friendly atmosphere when compared with other parks, it just makes sense to think about spending more than one day enjoying the magic there. When planning your next vacation, try spending two days at Magic Kingdom. The extended time will leave you feeling less rushed and let you enjoy everything the park has to offer.

Book a Nice Meal

Like all Disney parks, the Magic Kingdom provides a variety of food options that are suitable for every taste and budget. However, what makes some meals special at the princess-centric park is the option to dine in style at a princess castle. Consider dining in Cinderella's castle or Belle's castle up on a hill for a meal during your stay. Not only will the indoor restaurant provide a refresher from the heat of the park, it will also leave you feeling like you and your kids got zipped away to feast like royalty. The castle décor is truly fantastic, and your kids might just get to see a special character or two while they eat. Remember, Disney is a busy place, so be sure to book advanced reservations at the castles well in advance of your trip.

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Visiting Magic Kingdom With Kids
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Magic Kingdom at Disney World in Florida is the obvious choice for your next vacation with small children. The park's themes, rides, and attractions are perfect for all kids, even toddlers, and preschool-age travelers. With these tips and plenty of research ahead of time, your visit to the Magic Kingdom can be indeed magical.

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