Visiting SeaWorld Orlando With Small Children

Updated: 12 Feb 2013 02:30:20 AM

A visit to Sea World is a highlight of any trip to Orlando, particularly if you are visiting SeaWorld Orlando with small children.

From the wonders of the Manta Aquarium to the playful dolphins and the majesty of Shamu the Killer Whale, there are so many attractions and animals to keep everyone entertained.

Here are just a few quick tips to make your visit a happy one for both you and your children.

Expect to get wet

First of all, plan to get wet.

Kids love the splash pad in Shamu’s Happy Harbor, and you can even get soaked by sitting in the Splash Zone at any of the animal shows.

It’s a good idea to bring a swimsuit (and swim diapers if needed) for the kids, and even for yourself if you really want to enjoy the day.

A change of clothing and a towel or two are also a good idea for the Splash Zones, or pick up a water proof poncho at the gift shop.

You can rent a locker in several locations to store all your extra items while you visit the park.

SeaWorld’s Animals

If your children are very young, they may not be able to sit through some of the incredible Behind-the-Scene tours, but make sure to check the feeding time for SeaWorld’s animals.

That’s when the bottlenose dolphins and the sea lions are the most playful, and that is guaranteed to delight the little ones.

If you need a stroller to carry your kids and all their extras, don’t worry.

You can rent strollers right at front gate.

Promotional Timeshare Packages

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