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Walt Disney World For Seniors Tips, Suggestions & Surprises

Walt Disney World is one of the most magical places on earth, and not just for children and families.

The four parks that make up Disney World – The Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom – are filled with attractions, restaurants, shows and spectacles that everyone can enjoy.

Seniors travelling to Walt Disney World can plan on having a spectacular time in the parks, especially if you plan your trip well.

When to Visit

If you can, plan your visit at a time when the weather is cooler and the park is less crowded.

Holiday times (Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas) tend to be very busy times at the park, as is spring.

When kids are in school is the best time to come.

Use Disney Transportation

Take advantage of Disney’s transportation systems.

The monorail not only will get you from park to park, but it is a beautiful relaxing ride – and affords a bird’s eye view of some of the parks.

Ferries, too, are a great (and generally less crowded) way to get around.

Guest Services

Guest services offer wheelchairs, so find these offices near the entrance of each park. Each attraction will accommodate you differently if you are in a wheelchair, so check with park employees at the start of each ride or show.

Skipping Rides

It’s OK to skip the thrills.

Some of the rides at Walt Disney World are built for speed and heart-pounding fun, which is sometimes best left for the youngsters.

Pay attention to warnings on the rides.


Plan your days beforehand – but be flexible.

If the day turns rainy or too hot, be willing to take a break or skip an attraction or two.

Have an outline of what you would like to do in the parks, and make a route around the park to help with navigation.

However, if you need to take breaks due to heat or fatigue, do it!

Walt Disney World offers delicious food and drinks around every corner, so take advantage of the time off of your feet to tantalize your taste buds!

At Walt Disney World, everyone feels young – or at least young at heart.

You can have an amazing, unforgettable time as a senior at Walt Disney World, especially if you plan your trip well.

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