Walt Disney World Hidden Secrets

Updated: 15 Jun 2013 1:40:07 AM

Walt Disney World’s four parks are carefully planned for optimal enjoyment for everyone – but not everyone knows about the magic that has been built into each park.

For the observant Disney guest, secret trails, folklore, hidden pictures, and talking trashcans can, and will, pop up when you least expect it.

Many people are in such a hurry to get to the popular (and very fun) rides that they rush right by the delights and surprises Imagineers have painstakingly included in each park.

Whimsical details are easy to miss, but thanks to the Internet and a bit of research, and keeping your senses sharp, you won’t miss a hidden gem during your visit to Walt Disney World!

Many things in the parks aren’t as they appear.

Disney Imagineers

Disney Imagineers use the technique of forced perspective to make buildings appear larger – or smaller – than they really are.

The windows and bricks get smaller on Cinderella’s Castle as the building gains height to make it seem taller in the Magic Kingdom.

The buildings along Main Street leading to the castle lean toward the castle – making it appear closer on the way in, and the exit closer on the way out.

At Hollywood Studios the facades along Hollywood and Sunset Boulevard employ this technique to make the buildings appear taller, and at Epcot the use of forced perspective make the World Showcase buildings appear further across the lake than they really are.

Animal Kingdom’s Mount Everest isn’t as tall as it seems!

Often overlooked talking objects have garnered quite a few laughs.

Listen for a talking trash can in the Magic Kingdom and babbling water fountains at Epcot, talking trees and bushes at Animal Kingdom, and pull the rope on the well (even though there is clear signage saying to NOT do this) in front of Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular and see what you can hear!

Disney is constantly evolving to please the tireless stream of guests who come to be entertained at their parks – and if you keep your senses alert, you will find secret spots and hidden treasures of your own!

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