Zebras Leaving Animal Kingdom

Updated: 03 April 2013: 02:28 PM

Sadly, after just a few short months, Walt Disney’s Animal Kingdom has quietly and permanently removed the zebras.

The official reason is acclimation issues for the zebras; others question if the reason is that the animals, although popular, were a bit pesky and aggressive.

They were commonly seen blocking access roads, and attacking each other and guest-filled vehicles.

Little is coming from Orlando, as to why or where the zebras are being placed; knowing Disney, however, they have gone to a good and safe locale.

The endangered addax will take the zebra’s place.

Addax Taking Over

The addax, one of the world’s rarest mammals, is a desert species, originating from the Sahara regions.

With an elk-like appearance, the addax changes colors with the season, becoming gray-brown in winter and a light sandy color is summer.

 They sport long, thin, spiraling horns.

Addax are short, measuring about 3 ½ feet tall at the shoulder, but stout, weighing approximately 300 lbs.

They walk on large, splayed hoofs, adapted to desert dunes.

Miraculously, an addax can live most of its life without drinking.

The dew and moisture from the grasses and shrubs it dines on supplies enough moisture.

The addax is a nocturnal animal, resting during the heat of day.

African Mammal

Hunted extensively in the early 1900’s for meat and leather, the only known native addaxes are thought to be in the Termit/Tin Toumma region of Niger, although occasionally sightings are reported in Chad and other, isolated areas of Niger.

Welcome this special mammal to the Animal Kingdom.

The zebra will be missed, but the addax is a wonderful surprise!

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