Zebra’s Are Back at Disney

Updated: 2 Nov 2012 01:30:05 AM

The magical place, Disney, has a bit more magic.

Fifteen zebras, part of the Kilimanjaro Safari attraction, have been placed at the Animal Kingdom since February of this year.

These striped beauties, all female, are between five and ten years old and weigh up to 800 pounds.

Most of the zebras are Plains Zebras, native to eastern and southern Africa.

One girl is a cousin; a Grevy Zebra.

The Grevy’s, which live in the same vicinity as the Plains, are endangered.

Three species of Zebras are known: the Plains, Grevy and Mountain.

They survive in many habitats, from grasslands to high, rough hills.

Both the Grevy and Mountain Zebras are endangered and, since they do not interbreed, may be lost soon.

Having one safe and sound at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a boon for us all.

Zebras are one of the most recognizable of all animals.

Zebras share the genus Equus with horses and mules, with which they have a striking physical resemblance.

The pattern of stripes is unique to each Zebra; as individual as snowflakes.

Some Zebras have a white, unstriped belly.

Although demure looking, Zebras are fearsome defenders of their groups.

Undomesticated, Zebra kicks and bites can be fatal.

Disney Animal Kingdom

With more than 1700 animals on five hundred plus acres, now is the time to visit Disney Worlds Animal Kingdom - the largest animal theme park in the world.

A leader is animal care, rehabilitation, and research; Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a fun and educational time for all family members.

Options for fun abound at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

The Kilimanjaro Safari gives visitors a chance to get up close and personal, not only with zebras, but lions, giraffes, elephants and thirteen other species, all roaming free.

Babies of every species have been born this year and are the highlight of any trek.

October celebrated the thirty year anniversary of Epcot Center.

This vibrant place is another great reason to head for Florida and enjoy casual fun.

It’s magical - its family - its Disney. Come!

Animal Kingdom tickets are included with most of our timeshare mini vacation packages.


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